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M. Michael Naïm A I A

M. Michael Naïm is a 1980 graduate of the prestigious Pratt Institute School of Architecture in Brooklyn NY.

He is known for some of the most beautiful condominiums in Beverly Hills. His innovative designs are aesthetically pleasing yet economically feasible.

His façade designs are distinguished by symmetrical, harmonious progressions achieved by intricate yet gradual changes in floor plans and articulations of balcony massing that he meticulously fashions.

He has a broad-based professional background in architecture, land development and construction management.

Naïm Associates incorporated in 1989. The Company made prudent land assemblages, entitlement, acquisitions and disposition in Los Angeles. We are known for upscale designs notably in Beverly Hills and unique development concepts that relate to sloping terrain. We have purchased, designed, entitled, developed & marketed in excess of 1,000 of luxury multi-family residential units.

We specialize in design and development of prime properties that merit our vision of an upscale community.

Compact mixed use, mixed income, in fill projects are areas of our expertise.

Meticulous hillside development featuring creative floor plans that sensitively respond to the terrain reducing mass grading while minimizing retaining walls, are another branch of our expertise.

In 1993,

we purchased the last trophy property in North Central Phoenix, AZ known as the Arizona Ranch Motel Inn and Mission Inn, and developed it as semi-custom homes with fine features and amenities.


In 1994,

we purchased 32 acres-the largest undeveloped high-density land in the heart of Master Planned Town of Fountain Hills AZ (east of Scottsdale) zoned for 600 plus dwelling units. Through meticulous planning and articulated designs that responded well to the sloping terrain and avoided mass grading, we developed 212 unit condominium luxury apartments. Other parcels built as high end attached town homes; a striving church and Community Center are also built with a planned park and play-ground.


In 2000,

we started a General Plan Amendment and Zone Change on a 36 acre hilly site in Oceanside Ca. through concerted efforts and community engagement the adjacent Oceana community and Mission Vista HOA actively supported and formally endorsed our proposals and we got unanimous Planning Commission and later City Council approvals for 158 2 and 3 story attached Town homes.

About our Logo

Our logo exhibits, enshrines , Manifests or encapsulates Michael Naim’s Design philosophy, The massing emerges as a cloud without harsh contrast or dominance of its surrounding and as the Letters’ are defined by void rather than solid colors, rooms are experienced not with full enclosure but with voids.

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