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The proposed project would construct 158 condominium units and associated recreation areas, parking, and private access roadways on a 35.83 acre parcel.

The condominium units would be clustered into 2 separate areas or conceptual “village” that would each include common and private usable open space, as well as private parking. Both Villages will be gated for private access to Oceanpointe residents only. Village 1 would consist of 62 units and Village 2 will consist of 96 units for a total of 158 units for the site. A 20 + acre permanent biological preserve would be created on site covering approximately 56% of the project site.

The proposed units consist of 4-plex, 10-plex, 12-plex, and 14-plex 3 story town homes. They range in sq footage from 900 sf to 1,700 sf and consist of 1 and 2 car garages. The architectural style of the proposed condominium buildings would blend a variety of Mediterranean architectural styles. Proposed features included varied rooflines, windows, pop-outs, balconies, porches, and shutters. Exterior building materials included concrete tiled roofs, stucco, wood doors, stone veneer, concrete and wood columns, wrought iron, and more.

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