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21 units luxury condominiums located at 117 N. Gail Drive, Beverly Hills.

Rafine means refine in French, harmonious progressions, found in nature, inspire the design of this project.

This design enshrines best MM Naïm unique design philosophy of harmonious progressions found in nature. Balcony massing, openings and even colors evolve gracefully from floor to floor. Balcony railings also evolve proportionately, the shorter their spans the thinner and a shade paler in color. Their direction of attachment evolves too. Circular corners, adorned with reflective glass, minimizes the structure; imposition on its surrounding.

The openings of balcony walls and building corners are smaller on the bottom floors to minimize visual and sound intrusion from the public right of way and fanout in upper floors to optimize the views. Building’s corners are rounded and graced with reflective glass minimizing the structure’s imposition on its surrounding.

Our facade designs are distinguished by symmetrical, harmonious progressions achieved by gradual changes in successive floor plans and articulations of balconies. MM Naim relentlessly endeavors to design the finest plans.


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