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Proposed Condominium in Fountain Hills, Arizona

The project attempted to be a symbolic tribute to native Americans and their noble norms and values.

The name, Tolkapaya, was selected through a local contest.
It is named after a village in Western Yappapi – not too far from the site, few decedents of which still live in Arizona.

Clusters of 12 and 14 units designed to sensitively respond to this unique site’s up and down sloping terrain – minimizing excavation.

Building’s color scheme was carefully selected to match the stones covering the beautiful hilly site and the stones are to adorn the building base and covering the roofs blending the building with the site. The balconies’ wood railing’s stain vary in tone, complementing the massing’s colors and the vegetation.

In 1994, we purchased 32 acres — the largest undeveloped high density land in Fountain Hills (east of Scottsdale). Our meticulous planning and articulate designs, gained the community’s support and was hailed by the Planning Commission. Tolkapaya subdivision consists of over 150 units of luxury condominiums, a church, and a community center, which are under construction. We currently are building a 212 unit luxury condominiumized apartment in partnership with G. M. Horton.


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