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Sculptures to Live In
Diverse Design and Construction DDC
Established in 1987, by M. Michael Naim, A.I.A.

Mr. Naim’s broad-based professional background in architecture, land development and construction management make him well versed in innovative designs that are aesthetically pleasing yet economically feasible. Creativity and innovation are perpetually applied in master plans down to railing details designs.

This proposed Department Store primarily serves the Latin community in Downtown Los Angeles. The design manifests the clash of the modern and the indigenous which is represented by the ensemble of motifs and statues from Mayan and Aztec temples reflecting the consumers’ rich heritage and its ruinous crossing with the West.

As the building turns, in time, the shattering of the modern glass skin manifests its reverence to the rich heritage that it enshrine for our significant spiritual heritage to enrich our lives.

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